Senior Homes in Lubbock, TX

You’ve worked hard all your life. Reward yourself with a comfortable home and an active, worry-free lifestyle in our of our retirement communities. At Manna Acres Assisted Living Facility, you’re free to enjoy the independent lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed in Lubbock, TX - but without the hassles and stresses associated with home maintenance.

Quality Care

At Manna Acres Assisted Living Facility, our philosophy is all about you - your health, your wellbeing and your quality of life. Our exceptional staff provides attentive, professional care and service while you enjoy the freedom to experience the activities you’ve never before had time for. Our calendar offers an extensive and diverse selection of events along with endless opportunities for socializing. You enjoy a relaxed, flexible lifestyle while gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing your every need will be attended to.

Spend your time doing what you love. Retire in style at Manna Acres Assisted Living Facility in Lubbock, TX. Call us today to meet with one of our representatives and learn more about our retirement communities.